Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Ha`awina of the Day

Today was in all areas, a success.  This week we had a Hawaiian theme to work with for the students and not only was it fun for us, the teachers, but for the students as well.  Ha`awina, means lesson, and a big part of today I feel was realizing how much changing themes week by week really grab the interest of the children.  I worked with the Pre-K children today, and I found that using this theme really got some of the children talkative interested.  I read them a book that I actually picked up while in Hawaii that used the Hawaii state fish, Humuhumunukunukuapuaa', or Humu, to tell a adventurous tale about a fish that wished away his colors.  The bright pictures of the sea life really caught their eyes and got them interested which really helped when we got to our game in the gym.  Although there were only three students from the Pre-K that were at the gym portion, they were very engaged and loved how we incorporated our obstacle course into an adventure to save the exotic animals.  I believe if there were more students we would of had a much better and clear result, but from what I have experienced today, it is very important to vary your theme and keep children interested and active in each of the different topics you choose.  Keep them guessing and always surprise them with new ideas and games!
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