Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hall Of Modification

There are so many traditional games that are seen to be on the infamous "Wall of Shame".  It is clear as to how some of those games do not teach what parents want to be seen taught in their physical education classes.  As a future physical educator I considerate it my job to take these games that most children love so much and transform them.  I feel as though you never want to strip students of the games they love in phys-ed class, but rather modify them in such a way where they still have a maximal amount of fun as well as get something a little more out of the game play.  There are so many different modifications for all these games in circulation, and can easily be found if you cannot think of a modification yourself.   The possibilities for transforming a traditional game to a new, creative, and exciting game are endless; and when I am one day controlling a physical education program, I plan on creating some unique and personalized games myself.  

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