Wednesday, March 28, 2012


As a Physical educator, you need to be prepared for the worst and think on your toes.  Today at St. Mary's, my group and I were put into a situation where we had absolutely nothing to go off of or work with.  We had planned to work with the older group of children the week prior and based all our activities around that.  But, when we arrived at the school we soon learned that we really had the Pre-K students which completely through us off.  Now, given this situation, we had about 20 or so minutes to brainstorm games to play while we were at the playground mingling with them. When inside, we decided to create variations of freeze tag.  As simple of a game this is, they were all hyper and only wanted to run.  We switched up the rules and modified it a few times up until we were all hopping like a frog playing freeze tag.  We were able to hit a lot of the fundamental motor movements and they all really enjoyed how we incorporated the movements in a fun way that allowed them to use up all their energy.  I felt like I finally experienced what it is like in a real teaching environment.  You always need to have a back up plan, or a very quick acting mind.  It is definitely a job with endless surprises and great rewards.

Evaluations of Overhand Throw and Catch

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