Monday, January 23, 2012

"Learn through the physical"

When referring to learning through the physical, I believe that students can learn a lot.  Learning through the physical is more or less learning through play and experience.  Anyone can talk about what to do during a sports game but you can learn so much more actually exploring that sports game yourself.  Through learning through the physical, learning can occur through the three domains, psychomotor, affective, and cognitive. This can quickly be summed up into how you train your sensory coordination skills,  your social skills while interacting with others, and becoming all around more knowledgeable about the sport, topic or activity you are working on and partaking in.   Through learning through the physical, one of the most important thing someone can take from it would be from the affective domain.  By participating in physical activity and play, your behavior towards other while on the field, court, stadium, etc, will be improved as you learn how to handle situations and work together with the people around you.  Learning through the physical is one of the best ways to learn, for it expands your knowledge to the fullest extent and allows for growth in all three domains.

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  1. Great insight Brandon. Don't forget about incorporating other subject areas into PE and PA.