Thursday, April 26, 2012

Goodbye For Now

Teaching at St. Mary's for the last day of the semester came faster than I ever imagined.  Working with the children in the after school program was one of the best teaching experiences I have had here at SUNY Cortland and cannot wait until I enter the professional field of physical education.  Working with children and having the satisfaction of being able to teach them new things that will hopefully stick with them for a lifetime, is the best sensation an educator can get.
Being that it was our last time at the after school program, we all started off with an enormous parachute that took up half the gym.  We got students of all grades and abilities to partake and have a truely fun time.  This was a great and different way to engage them, having everyone work together to get balls out of the parachute and other various tasks.  Once the parachute games came to an end, I was off to go work with the 5th and 6th grade students.  I feel that when any type of program such as this comes to an end, it is important to let the students to play a game that they have been wanting to play throughout our visits.  In this case, it was a simple basketball game where each team needed a certain amount of passes before they were allowed to shoot.  As simple as this was, every lab session we had at St. Mary's, the older students just wanted to play a full court game, but they never wanted to play with any variations.   So today was their day for fun; a day to do the only thing they've wanted to do since day one.  I'm glad I got to leave for the semester on such a great note and hope I can experience more programs like this in my near future.

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