Friday, April 20, 2012

Hard Works Many Rewards

This week at St. Mary's was the first week we had been back since before Easter and the elementary schools Spring break.  The children seemed as excited as ever to see us again and I would say almost all of them wanted to play and get involved right away.  Even though two weeks had past since our last visit, they still could not wait for what new games we had in store for them this time.
One of the highlights of the games we taught today was the game we called, "Basket-Ball".  Our theme of the week was Easter, and because of the holiday just before, the children were all hyped and ready to go.  Sarah, my partner, and myself worked for two hours the night before taking cardboard boxes and turning them into festive Easter baskets.  We had paper to cover the boxes as well as flowers, paper cut outs, cotton tails, and Easter grass which, when put all together, really simulates what the students received from the Easter bunny.  The goal of the game was to kick the balls, which were the Easter eggs into the basket in order to help the Easter bunny collect all his missing eggs.  We had them kicking with both their feet, using the inside of their foot, the laces of their shoes and even the outside of their foot.  The look of excitement on each child's face estatic every time they got a ball into the box.  They all walked away happy with a feeling of accomplishment.
This day of teaching however, felt like it was different for me.  I worked more one on one with  a few of the kids and got to know some of them much better.  I helped a little kindergarten boy with his dribbling skills and was able to boost his confidence shooting when he said he couldn't reach the net.  I kept telling him that he'd be able to get it if he really focuses and practices, and sure enough, after fifteen or so shots, he sank a shot and jumped with joy; then another, and another.  He got three in a row and wanted to keep going. As my visits to St. Mary's are coming to an end with one more visit, I hope that I can have more children feel that sense of satisfaction as well as for myself.  Working with children anywhere, and having any child feel better about him or her self is on of the ultimate goals of a physical educator, and I want to continue doing that no matter where I end up. No matter where I am, I will put in the same hard work and enthusiasm to achieve that goal.

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