Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gym Class Heroes!

Being a physical educator is more than just teaching students how to throw a ball, or shoot a basket.  It is about tapping into their mind and letting their creativity flow.  Being put in a position where you have a large amount of time to create our own rendition of a song using our motor development book really allowed for us to, one, step outside our comfort zone, and two, let us contribute our own creative thoughts into the choreography and lyrics.  While creating our video, I really learned a lot about infant reflexes and am much more knowledgeable as to how an infant matures.  By   giving us the task of making a music video, it made us think in ways we don't usually think and I feel as though it was much easier to retain the information in the chapter.  When you have to think about how to squeeze the information from the chapter into the song smoothly, you really spend a large amount of time re-reading so you can make it all flow; by doing so, how can you not pick up the information in the chapter and retain it?  This was definitely a new experience for me and really allowed me to learn quickly.

After the creation of our video, we were then told that we would be performing live at Poolside in Park Center.  This put us in another uncomfortable circumstance where we had to step outside our comfort zone.  By doing so, I feel as though you really grow as a person and feel like you can handle or adapt to anything; In this field of education, that is key.  Anyway, with the knowledge I now have about teaching, there is not a doubt in my mind that I may want to look into an assignment like this for my future students.  In the educational world, you want everyone to have great and worthwhile experiences, and it is up to us to pass on those great experiences.

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